The holiest man in show business!


A while back I was asked to create a new catalog of images for popular singer/songwriter Fr. Liam Lawton., on behalf of MPC Productions. Something of a celebrity in Ireland, he is most famous for his renditions and unique perspectives on popular Christmas songs, as well as writing his own songs. He travels worldwide to sellout tours and is probably the busiest and most in-demand performer during the month of December. It also doesn’t hurt that he has one of the best backing bands in the business, each extremely talented in their own rights. In total, I spent three days with Liam and his band, in a variety of locations but the one that stands out the most has got to be a church in Dundalk, Co. Louth. This place was probably more packed during his performance than it ever had been on Christmas day, and the lighting crew really worked their magic to accentuate every detail of the interior architecture. I’m no novice to live music photography having shot many a famous band over the years in my career so far, but anyone in the business will testify that the type of music being played on stage will determine how you conduct yourself during the performance. Eg. During a Fun-Loving Criminals gig in Dublin many years ago, the near-deafening sound of “Scooby Snacks’ and the fact that you were in a pit up front meant you could simply concentrate on the getting the best possible images of Huey at the mic. Now, switch that to the melancholic sounds of ‘Silent Night’ and no pit and all of a sudden you are very much aware of where you are positioned in relation to the audience and musicians, and the sound of the shutter release on your camera! However the beauty of no pit means the possibility of getting unique perspectives without the usual restrictions. Below are a very limited selection of the images taken over the course of an incredibly enjoyable commission.

131210_KAP1_040 131205_KAP1_190 131118_KAP2_014 131118_KAP2_100 131205_KAP1_190 copy 131205_KAP1_141 131118_KAP2_004 131205_KAP1_106131210_KAP1_011  131118_KAP2_156 131205_KAP1_048 131118_KAP2_085 131205_KAP1_230

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