Shooting for Ireland’s newest LIVE comedy show

PADDYLAND MAGICAN 1This year, Savee Entertainment is launching a brand new comedy show called ‘Paddyland’. The brain-child of well known radio DJ Dave O’ Connor, it will have it’s debut show in Vicar Street on the 16th March. As part of the promotion, I was called in to shoot both the Stills campaign and VT’s which would then be used during the live shows. The plan was for a studio set-up to cover the range of different characters from the show, with an emphasis on bringing across each character’s different persona’s. The photo-shoot was a lot of fun, giving us a taste of what the performances would be like on the opening night.

As regards the set-up, it was pretty straight-forward. I used my favourite studio strobes, the Bowens Esprits, with 2 500w’s lighting the background together with barn-doors to keep unwanted light off the talent. Up front I used a 750w with a 4×4 soft box as my main, with another 750w attached to the beauty dish as a fill. Since the images would be sent off to a graphic designer for final output as an advertorial poster, we needed to keep the lighting consistent across the board – hence no overly creative lighting set-ups. The main bonus of this direction was that we could concentrate on shooting the talent in many different poses which required a lot of movement (jumping around, etc)._HAS0508-Edit

I also tethered my dslr to my laptop so that the client could look at the images as they were created, and help direct the shoot in order to achieve the desired results. This can be a key ingredient on some commercial jobs, as a client may have an ultimate vision for the end product, but only by ‘seeing’ what you as the photographer are creating – can they know if both your vision and theirs are lined up.

The result was a full series of images designed to take advantage of the various facets of the show, thus allowing the designer a lot of scope when putting the campaign together. This was a multifaceted job which included video shoots on different days, but I’ll put up a separate post on that in the near future.

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