Sharp building development

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McGarrell Reilly Group have just launched their newest development, the Sharp Building on Hogan Place, Dublin 2. Designed to revolutionise the historic heart of Dublin 2,
The Sharp Building is a spectacular example of modern commercial architecture that will undoubtedly address and exceed the aspirations of any global organization. This exceptional landmark statement by the McGarrell Reilly Group will comprise of 4,157 sq m of modern Grade A office space set over seven floors, transforming the streetscape of Hogan Place.

The proposed development occupies a prominent corner site in the city. The corner is expressed as a fully glazed three dimensional quadrilateral, which is sculpted to define the entrance and to articulate the corner. The glass form is contrasted by a solid French limestone cubic facade which terminates the terrace. Both forms are bookended and cradled by brick recessed elements which reflect the urban context
on the city.

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