New smart city dashboard for Dublin launched


Researchers at Maynooth University, working in partnership with Dublin City Council, have launched a new interactive website full of information about Dublin —<>.
The Dublin Dashboard provides citizens, researchers, planners, policy makers and companies  with real-time information, time-series data, and interactive maps about all aspects of the city.  The dashboard allows users to gain detailed, up-to-date intelligence that helps them better understand how the city is performing, aids everyday decision making, and fosters evidence-informed analysis.  For example, you can learn about how the city economy is performing at a glance, visualise crime levels, and monitor traffic flows in real time.
The dashboard is made up of a number of modules that can be easily used to explore hundreds of graphs, maps and apps concerning how Dublin is performing over time and in relation to other locales, what is happening in the city right now, the location of all kinds of facilities, and how to report on particular issues.
The data underpinning the website is drawn from a number of data providers — including Dublin City Council, Dublinked, Central Statistics Office, Eurostat, and government departments, and links to a variety of existing applications.  The underlying data is freely available so others can undertake their own analysis and build their own applications and visualisations.
There are plans in place to add new real-time datasets, including maps of social media, and new interactive mapping modules.

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