Mainstream RP Noupoort Wind Farm, South Africa


A storm brews on the horizon to create a dazzling sunset

The 35 big turbines of Noupoort Wind Farm (NWF) in the Northern Cape are on track to begin producing renewable energy for the South African power grid in July 2016.

At peak power production, these turbines will collectively be producing up to 80 megawatts of electricity, which is enough to power approximately 69 000 homes.

Martina Flanagan, NWF’s project manager, said that transporting the massive components for the wind turbines and then getting these assembled had been “a huge undertaking”. Erection of the first wind turbines began in December 2015; crews from Danish companies BMS and FairWind were able to assemble and erect all 35 in four months, ahead of schedule.
NWF said its Siemens wind turbines are 100m tall to allow for optimum energy production. Each turbine has three blades 53m long and constructed of fibreglass reinforced epoxy.

The construction of NWF cost R1,9 billion. It will be the first wind farm in the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme’s round three.
Partners and investors in the construction and operation of NWF are Lekela Power, Thebe Investment Corporation, the IDEAS Managed Fund, Futuregrowth Asset Management, Genesis Eco-Energy in partnership with Lereko Metier Sustainable Capital, and Noupoort Renewable Energy Community Trust.

Below is a small selection of the official images taken on the wind farm, as well as behind the scenes shots taken on an iphone! As before with my last trip to SA on a similar project, major thanks to Mainstream’s team on the ground in Noupoort, as well as all the guys from Siemens Energy and FairWind for both their generosity and accommodating nature throughout the entire shoot.

This project was a little different from the last, in that I was also doubling up as film-maker (Check out my later post to see the video).

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A Siemens technician inspects the nacelle prior to connection to the grid.


Light spills across the plains at an elevation of 1800 feet

group 3

L to R: Filming on the wind farm, internal flight from Jo-burg to Bloomfountein, Filming interviews in Cape Town, Emperor penguins in Simonstown,


Some of the kit used during the trip to get the best out of the project. – All made by DJI Global.


As before, one eye to the ground looking for Puff Adders….


Looking east at the Sunrise


Fairwind technicians help direct a Nacelle lift. The 35 turbine erection was finished ahead of schedule.


iPhone image of Cape Town, looking from Table Mountain

group 1

L -R: An old Land Rover Series working the land, Egotistical Drone Selfie!, The DJI Inspire 1 and Toyota Raider, and a 4km long Ore train in Loeriesfountein.


Aerial view of a Rotor lift over cloudy morning sky


A Murray & Roberts technician assembles a power line near T6.


Aerial view of a hard stand with all turbine pieces in place for assembly.

160222_KAP1_037 copy

Wind Turbine blade delivery.

group 2

L – R: View from Table Mountain, View of Table Mountain, Cape of Good Hope, and Looking towards Capetown from a Winery.


Old meets new. The tech is similar, but the output is not.


Aerial view of Noupoort Wind Farm.


Employees put the finishing touches to the towers before the cranes and lifting teams arrive.


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