Lidl French Wines, Strasbourg, France


Image-4-1It’s that time of year again when Lidl hand-picks the best selection of French wines for it’s stores, come September. They again called upon Master of Wine Richard Bampfield to help choose the best range across a variety of grapes and prices. This year I traveled with the top wine & food journalists in the country to Strasbourg in France, a beautiful and quaint city on the border of Germany. The fact that both countries have been grappling over it for centuries is evident in it’s architecture. More importantly it is also in the Alsace region, an area known for it’s wines – particularly white wines.

During the trip, we got to experience the famous Wine Stub, literally “wine lounge”, which recreates the Alsatian way of life. Originally, it was a room open to the public where wine growers could sell off the surplus of their production. Nowadays, the Winstub is a typical Alsatian restaurant, thanks to its “country” and “pub” spirit. The wine is served in a carafe accompanied by simple small dishes. You eat shoulder to shoulder on wooden tables, often covered with tablecloths with red check.

We also took a trip to Bestheim, a co-operative where a multitude of wines are produced, and took a trip of the vineyards and bottling facilities. Then it was back to Strasbourg where the keen noses of the journalists sampled the full Lidl range on offer. All the bottles sampled will be in stores on September 12th, but until then check out the reviews in the national newspapers, magazines and websites from those who know what they’re talking about.

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