Joe McNally ‘Language of Light’ workshop

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Pic: Naoise Culhane


In a much earlier blog post, I spoke about how important it is to continually upskill and keep your body of work fresh and exciting. It is only by challenging ourselves to push the boundaries and move outside our comfort zone can we ever hope to improve and succeed within our chosen fields. One of the ways in which photographers like myself can achieve this is by attending workshops led by those better than us. Such was the case recently in Dun Laoghaire when the Irish Professional Photographers association managed to get legendary National Geographic photographer Joe McNally over to Dublin to teach a workshop on lighting. The event was divided into two parts, a large theater seminar on the Sunday for 100 guests, followed by a more personal workshop for only 15 people on the Monday. I managed to get my hands on a much sought after ticket to both, thanks to fellow photographers Naoise Culhane and Claire O’ Rorke.

As a big fan of using small flash combined with soft-boxes and other modifiers, this workshop was right up my alley, as Joe went over a different ways of styling a shoot depending on the number of flashes you decided to use, together with a variety of soft-boxes of varying sizes, c-stands, flags, and diffusers.

We spent time both inside and out, contending with different lighting scenarios using fellow attendees, professional models and puppets as our subject matter. Check out the BTS photos from the two days, some shot by myself, and others given with kind permission by Naoise Culhane.

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Pic. Naoise Culhane

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Pic. Naoise Culhane

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Being photographed by Joe McNally. Pic. Naoise Culhane

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