Get Fit, Get a bike!

_HAS8751As well as commissioned photo-shoots and video, I love to spend time shooting what I’m passionate about, one of which is cycling. I got into mountain-biking around 7 years ago, and soon after bought a road bike. It doesn’t take long after ripping through some dusty trails or bursting a lung up some windy road at dawn to realize that those same instances would make for some great pictures! So I ended up putting the bike away a few times and instead took the cameras to different events which the intention to trying to capture the essence of cycling and what it means to me. In the same way that former snow boarder Scott Rinckenberger approaches his photography due to his experience on the mountains, I’m now always looking for that perfect road, gnarly berm or sweet road gap and filing them away as suitable locations before calling up my mates and heading off for a quick photo-shoot._HAS8780-Edit

The other day, I managed to sneak in an hour with my good friend and fellow ‘roadie’ Kelvin Hughes, and his pimped out Opera Super Leonardo. We sourced a location on the Wicklow/Dublin border and basically had some fun with camera and bike. No deadline, no brief. Just shooting for the sake of shooting. Best way really.


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