GB Experience Tour

GBGRANDCANAL-156The Grand Canal Theater was the venue for the final show of the highly successful GB Experience Tour which had traveled around the country to sell out crowds. Presented by Savee Entertainment, and fronted by the very talented Trevor Smith, the tour encompassed the very best of Garth Brooks’ hits with a dazzling stage display including pyrotechnics. I had joined them before for one of their gigs at Vicar Street, where they were joined by well known actor and musician Don Baker. This time around, it was the turn of Leann Moore, who made her name on the TV show, ‘The Voice’, as well as accompanying pop duo ‘Jedward’ for two Eurovisions as backing vocals._HAS7033

Photography-wise, I was shooting everything from back stage preparations, sound rehearsals, the live show and the ‘meet the audience’ autograph signing afterwards. The show itself was great for images due to the lighting set-up and flame bursts. As with photographing any live show, everything must be shot using available light (no flash), so there was a bit of tweaking with the kelvin settings depending on the gels used for the key lights during any given set. Of course, the added bonus of being commissioned by the promoters is that I had access all areas, which allowed me to get great angles from behind the drummer, or steel guitar player, and bring the audience into some of the images. Another nice addition to the set was the inclusion of the Dublin Gospel choir which added a burst of purple on stage during some of the songs.

Some of the images captured that night have since been used as promotional material for the upcoming 2013 tour. And as a result of shooting two gigs for these guys I now have a deeper appreciation for Garth Brooks’ music :)_HAZ6987

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