GB Experience live at Vicar Street

GBTB-046I teamed up with Savee Entertainment and the GB Experience band for their live show at Vicar Street, where they put on an amazing performance, complete with an excellent stage set-up and guest appearance by actor and musician Don Baker. The production values associated with this show are known around the country, hence the sell out gigs, and makes the photography all that more enjoyable albeit a bit more tricky – can anyone guess the exposure difference when 4-6 sets of flames shoot through the air in the middle of the stage? About 2-3 stops in the difference, when you shoot manual like I do. Gotta be swift on the camera dials :) Vicar street is a great venue, large enough to accommodate a great crowd, but intimate enough to enjoy the show. GBTB-064 GBTB-052 GBTB-051 GBTB-045 GBTB-031 GBTB-026 GBTB-011 GBTB-007

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