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I’m very honored to have been featured in Shutterbug Magazine, http://www.shutterbug.com/. centering on the style of my website and how I display my photography, complete with incredibly kind words about my work. I particularly love author Joe Farace‘s discription of the Enercon Turbine in Kerry as “standing Sentinel-like (for X-Men fans) on a dark, cloudy day suddenly hit by a shaft of sunlight. It stops you in your tracks.”

Ironically, I have since just changed over my site to a new platform due to various reasons, but thankfully although it’s kinda different, the main objectives have remained the same, and it could be easily mistaken as the same website with some custom CSS adjustments made to the pages. There is still work to be done, and many features I would like included over the coming year as soon as the opportunity allows. Until then, I’m grateful for the feature in Shutterbug, and strive to create even stronger work over the next 6 months. As they always say, “you are only as good as your last job”.

Below you will find both the article and a selection of the images that were referred to in the article.

“Keith Arkins is a Dublin-based commercial photographer whose website shows a fascinating breadth of work, especially in the realm of renewable energy. Two of the 10 portfolios found under the Stills menu (there’s one for Motion, too) are designated as Wind and Solar. Instead of thumbnails, large screen-filling images are displayed with forward/backward navigation arrows. In Wind, Arkins treats turbines as sculptural objects splashed across a beautiful Irish landscape. Each successive image is jaw-dropping; like his photograph of a turbine being installed at night and then there’s an image of a solitary turbine standing Sentinel-like (for X-Men fans) on a dark, cloudy day suddenly hit by a shaft of sunlight. It stops you in your tracks. Arkins works his magic in Solar, especially with a close-up photograph of a large panel at sunset. He’s also brilliant when photographing people as seen in Business Portraiture, showing a sparkle of wit and ingenuity in how he approaches his subjects combined with the requisite skill needed to make it all happen. The Commercial portfolio contains a smorgasbord ranging from artful lifestyle images of people at work and play to a charming image of a group of preschoolers in green uniforms to a nighttime shot of a McDonald’s that is like none you’ve seen before. I was especially impressed by his nighttime shot of a Ford rally team showing his technical skills at full song. There’s much more here so be sure to poke around and visit his blog for a peek behind the curtain to see how Arkins creates these dynamic images”

Joe Farace, Shutterbug Magazine

Enercon Wind Turbine at a Mainstream RP Windfarm in Cahirciveen, Kerry, Ireland

Shutterbug article, published March 2015

Night-time Rotor lift of an Enercon Turbiine at Carrickeeny Windfarm in Leitrim, Ireland

Seimens Solar panels at Sunset at De Aar Solar farm on the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Livebooks 14

Schoolchildren finishing class at Modern Child School in New Delhi, India. Photographed for Polyvision/Steelcase USA

Livebooks 16

Eristoff Team beside their New Ford Kugas, photographed for Eiristoff.


McDonalds Premium store build in the heart of Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland. Photographed for McDonalds Inc


Promotional image shot of launch of Paddyland 2014. Photographed for Savee Entertainment.



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