Eristoff Wolf Automotive shoot

LiveBooksCars 06 A while back I posted a video about the creation of the Eristoff Wolf by a number of unidentified graffiti artists. The image is being used in the company’s new social media campaign. More recently, they have spruced up their brand managers’ Ford Kuga jeeps with the wolf. I was called in to shoot the newly designed jeeps for use in social media and press publications. In keeping with the brand’s philosophies , the images needed to tie in with the wolf itself, so we went location scouting ahead of the shoot to find areas which would suit the feel and look of the brand. After an exhausting by enjoyable day, we settled on Windmill lane on the South quays, and also got permission from Dublin City Council to use an old warehouse near the docklands. We also needed to shoot the images during the twilight hours, as Eristoff is more closely associated with the night.LiveBooksCars 01

The result was a very quick shoot which saw us set up and capture the different scenarios as the darkness closed in around us. Long exposures combined with 2-3 Bowens Esprits running on Travel Paks was the order of the day, together with my trusty Manfrotto tripod. The travel paks worked as intended, but my only gripe with them was the fact that you cannot use the modelling bulbs. So there was a bit of guesswork required when figuring out the best position for the lights around the vehicles. When shooting outside with the Bowens, you are also better off connecting them using radio transmitters, such as the Bowens Pulsars which I use. Relying on the strobes built in receivers is not a good idea, and only works properly indoors, from my experience.LiveBooksCars 07

I was very happy with the results of the shoot and felt our choice of locations was the right decision. The Eristoff brand are great to work alongside, as their photo briefs tend to suit my style of shooting, and they embrace creativity.

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