BTS on a ICW film project

Using the slider with a telephoto lens to capture the reeds in the wind

I’m currently in the process of shooting a new short film for a client, with a twist. It’s not a typical corporate video containing interviews in a boardroom and shots of the factory floor. Rather, it’s the full construction from start to finish of an integrated constructed wetlands (ICW), and filming began last April when the site was no more than a bare field. It’s been a really interesting project to be a part of, not least because it simply could not be rushed. A lot of pre-production went on in the planning stages, weather charts were referred to, preliminary dates decided upon which were utterly dependent on so many factors, and rough storyboards were drawn out to get a grasp on the types of shots there were most likely to be needed. At this stage, pretty much all the filming is complete, so just some audio is left to be decided upon. Rushes have gone to the clients, meetings have taken place, and a final date for the finished video has ‘kind of’ been decided upon.

There have been some great moments throughout the filming months for this project, but by far the nicest of them all was the sheer pleasure of just driving into the countryside, miles from any town or village and spending it filming in total peacefulness, with only the local wildlife as companions – this is of course after all heavy machinery had done their bit and left!

I will put up a blog on the completed video when it’s signed off, and it will also be available to view on my website

Wetlands overview KA-5

A lot of heavy machinery was used in the preliminary stages of the project.

Wetlands overview KA-2

Birds-eye view from a cherrypicker.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 15.06.04

A screen grab from one of the clips shot over the summer. Maps were referred to a lot!


I was grateful for four wheel drive as the project moved forward. It saved on carrying gear more than was needed.


Shooting some timelapse. The resulting piece was too large to upload to this blog post.


Screen-grab during the construction phase. Most everything was adhered to based on GPS co-ordinates.


I got bored of filming JCB’s after about a month. Have hours of footage if anyone wants it….

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