Lidl Media Trip, Bordeaux, France


The vineyards of Bordeaux stretch on for miles….

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a 2009 Prieure Lichine and a 2012 Lalande De Pomerol. Delish!

I’m just back from Bordeaux, France where Lidl Ireland invited the most discerning wine journalists in the country to accompany them on a trip to taste the new French wines coming to their stores from the region, and to visit some of the vineyards from where the wine was chosen. I’m not going to say a whole lot about the trip, as 1) I don’t know a helluva lot about great wine, and 2) there were professional journalists there which could explain the whole trip much better than I.

My role was to both photograph all the new wines which will be on Lidl shelves this Autumn, as well as capture particular images the journalists might require for their articles. Of particular note was the presence of top Master of Wine Richard Bampfield who helped select the new range, and was on hand to answer any questions. The man is a fountain of knowledge, and an excellent guy to have around when you are handed the wine list!

Below are a bunch of ‘behind the scenes’ photos, some of the wines which will be on the shelves shortly, and a couple of the articles which have already surfaced for various journalists. Keep your eyes on both the main food and wine magazines, and national newspapers over the coming weeks where you can read the opinions of those with an experienced nose for the grape and find out their favorites and must haves!

And remember, drink responsibility ;)


Stacked bottles in the underground cellars of Chateau De La Riviére


The view form the balcony of Chateau De La Riviére


View of the cellars of Chateau De La Riviére


Irish Independent wine journalist Liam Campbell


Wine tasting with Richard Bampfield.


Wine barrels. Big wine barrels.


My tasting notes went along the lines of ‘ Fruity on the nose and tasted of alcohol’.


Where all the magic happens. Chateau De La Riviére, Bordeaux, France.


Very old wine bottles. Apparently, some wines can get too old and become undrinkable. Lesson is, buy it and drink it…


Master of Wine, Richard Bampfield.


Chateau De La Riviére.

wine bottles multiple

I highly recommend all of these, in no particular order.

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