Bloomsday 2015 @ UCD

150616_KHAS1_081UCD hosted an early morning breakfast and a recital of Ulysses to it’s students and staff, the first event in Dublin on Bloomsday 2015. To mark the occasion, as always, participants arrived wearing the dress code of Joyce’s day and this year they also had an old vintage parked outside the library. Here are some of the images we created ‘early!’ that morning to celebrate the day. A big thanks to political representatives Mary Hanafin TD and  Gerry Horkan TD for being such good sports.

What is Bloomsday?

Bloomsday is a celebration that takes place both in Dublin and around the world. It celebrates Thursday 16 June 1904, which is the day depicted in James Joyce’s novel Ulysses. The day is named after Leopold Bloom, the central character in Ulysses. The novel follows the life and thoughts of Leopold Bloom and a host of other characters – real and fictional – from 8am on 16 June 1904 through to the early hours of the following morning.

Celebrations often include dressing up like characters from the book and in clothes that would have been the style of the era. One of the hallmark fancy dress items of Bloomsday is the straw boater hat. Celebrations come in many different forms like readings, performances and visiting the places and establishments that are referenced in the book. The Bloomsday Breakfast is another common celebration, which involves eating the same breakfast as Leopold Bloom consumes on the morning of 16 June. This includes liver and kidneys alongside the typical ingredients of an Irish fried breakfast.

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