Award winning cheese by Carraigbyrne


Arriving at the farm reminded me of my many summers as a kid helping out on my grandad’s farm in Clare. However this time I was here to capture lifestyle images of the famous Carraigbyrne Cheese-making farm on behalf of Bord Bia. Nestled in the Wexford countryside and away from most main roads, there’s a feeling of tranquility as soon as you arrive, and everything just seems to slow down a notch. We spent the day with Patrick and his wife Juliet exploring the farm and walking through lush green fields, capturing along the way the essence of what Carraigbyrne cheese is all about. Co-incidentally during our time there, Patrick and Juliet learned that they had just won another prestigious prize for their Humming bark cheese. Shoots like this are great, as they allow you to take a step back, take it all in, and think about what you want to shoot. The overall lack of time-restraints also allow for capturing spur-of-the-moment images that otherwise may have been missed. Oh, and a big bonus of photographing artisan food producers – You get to sample the product ;)

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