Amy Huberman for Barnardos

Amy Huberman launches Buckets for Barnardos KA-2

How a year flies! It had seemed only a couple of months since my last photo-shoot with actress Amy Huberman for the launch of ‘Buckets for Barnardos’, yet here we were again, this time at Airfield House in Dundrum which had recently undergone a multi-million euro re-vamp. As luck would have it, no sooner did all our talent arrive than the heavens opened up and ruined all our ‘Plan A’ locations. Not fazed at all by the surrounding deluge, Amy and our two little models literally pretended that the sun was shining as the crew held umbrellas over them whilst contorting themselves to stay out of frame. Be under no illusion – I got no such special treatment and took on the appearance of a drowned rat by the end of the shoot! The pressure was on, as we had enjoyed a pretty successful campaign last year (Check it out here), but as it turned out, the hit rate was high again this year both in the Irish and British media – I unfortunately don’t have all the cuttings from this round. Either way, it was wonderful to get Amy in front of my lens again, and for being such a great sport under a less than ideal climate.

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 11.07.47 Amy Huberman launches Buckets for Barnardos KA-1 amy Amy Huberman launches Buckets for Barnardos KA-3 Amy Huberman launches Buckets for Barnardos KA-4


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