2013 Mini Paceman

_AZ18963I had the great pleasure recently in photographing the official press shots of the new MINI Paceman for MINI Ireland. The Paceman is basically a coupe version of the Countryman, and a lot of fun to drive around. Due to the nature of the car, I kept it in Dublin and shot it in mainly urban settings. One issue with shooting a car in an urban setting is the amount of other traffic and people wandering around in the vicinity, which meant some pretty darn early wake up calls in the mornings to get shots needed as the sun rose, and everyone was still soundly asleep in bed. The only exception to this were the sunset shots I did overlooking Dublin City. If there has been one silver lining to the closure of businesses due to the recession, It has been the creation of large carparks in great locations with nobody around :)_AZ18895

The weather leading up to the shoot was against me, as we woke up to snow in April! By the time it thawed out, it was replaced by forceful winds which creates a problem when you want to use studio lights with softboxes outdoors. Let’s just say it was an eventful and memorable experience, but I got the shots I was after, so all’s well that ends well.


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