2012 Eurovision Winners Tour

Eurovision winners tour I recently worked with Savee Entertainment on their Eurovision Winners Tour, which spanned the country in multiple venues. I joined them at their last gig at the Cork Opera House, where I was met by the film crew from RTE who were doing a behind the scenes documentary of the show, under the direction of Pat O’ Mahoney. The gig itself was a great success and was played to a sell out crowd. I was there to shoot both photography and video of the live event itself as well as back stage portraits, etc. One of the shots I wanted to do was a group shot of all the celebrities in a more of a gritty environment. I found a small room which was used for storing gear, and asked if I could get all the acts in for a shot. Due to the tight nature of the event, I was allowed approx 1 minute just before they went back on stage for the second act.

I set up my lights (2 bowens Esprits – one with a softbox and the other with a brolly) and got Savee’s production manager to stand each each of the acts’ spots so I could test the lights. I also moved a bunch of stage gear into place, positioning a couple of speakers on the left, audio wires onto the floor and mixing desks to the right just to jazz up the scene a bit more. Then just before the curtains were pulled back for the second time, in they all arrived and i had them positioned within 30 seconds. 5frames later and they were gone. Still my favourite shot from the night.LivebooksShowBiz 22

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